Hello Traveler
My name is Christopher Lombardo. I’m a Multimedia Designer from Fort Lauderdale.  I’ve been creating digital art since highschool. I got more serious about my craft when I attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale study Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.
My time there was incredibly enlightening. Allowing me to grow and experiment with many mediums of production, varying from Visual Effects, to Motion Graphics, to Post Production Music and Audio. (Being musical form a young age, post production music seemed quite natural)

After graduation I landed a job at Alter Ego Events, LLC (aka Fetish Factory), currently I am the resident artist there, incharge of all media, design, marketing, video, event visuals, and web. With a wide variety of responsibilities, and a wide skill set, it feels very natural.

At the moment, I’m experimenting with new techniques and ideas in my offtime. This blog will continue to grow along with my work. Thank you for the time and attention.
Christopher Lombardo

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